Highlights - Web Marketing Programs

$500MM Industrial OEM Division of Black & Decker - Internet sales leads

2011 Highlights

  • 50,000 web sales leads immediately disseminated to global sales force (21% Growth over ‘05)

  • >$6,000,000 of incremental business won

  • >$18,000,000 in the pipeline as a direct result of web sales leads

  • ~2.5 Billion pieces requested (from all product lines) attributed to the web channel and internet sales lead distribution to sales force.

  • Sales Quotas set at 10% incremental business to support growth – this sales lead program consistently identified 6.5% of that budgeted goal.

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Overall 2002-2006

  • 235,000 Internet Sales Leads Immediately Disseminated– Marketing Pull >$6,000,000 Incremental Business per Year

  • >1,000,000 literature requests fulfilled - $4,000,000 cost savings (Self-Service Model)

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Positioning Strategy:

  •  Optimizing and positioning the website to show up in all major search engines for the major and minor search terms with high ranking and ahead of competitors.

  • Developed E-Catalogs that make it easy for customers to identify their required tooling, and check price and availability using product configurators, tooling wizards, competitive cross-reference tools, etc.

Targeting Strategy:

  • Introduce immediate identification of prospects and customers to sales personnel and/or channel partners.

  • Campaign management and micro-targeting programs using data-mining techniques for one-to-one messaging of new products and enhanced services.

Differentiation Strategy:

  • Develop pricing strategies that sell-up quantity without sacrificing margin. Cross-sell strategy to easily identify related parts.

  • Simple discounted cash flow models that easily identify installed or in-place costs of fasteners that identify the true cost of ownership of the clients products based on:
    o In-Place Costs vs Piece Price
    o Maintenance Consumables
    o Optimal fastening time
    o NPV and IRR analysis
    o Vendor managed inventory
    o Predictive maintenance techniques

  • Make it easy for anyone (internal or external customers) to answer the questions:
    o Do you make it?
    o What is the price?
    o When can I get it?

Communications Strategy:

  • Intranet programs that ensure the company message is consistent globally.

  • Intranet programs to support the product launch process.

  • Availability of product data and supporting marketing materials to support new products and programs in multiple languages.

  • 'Segmenting software for ease of new customer capture through data mining.

  • Online Trademark Protection

Customer Relationship Management:

  • Centralize commercial data by consolidating all sales contact data.

  • Improve the sales pipeline.

  • Opportunity management and forecasting.

  • Integrate trouble tickets with contact data and track resolution while building a web-based customer self-service center.

  • Marketing using campaign management with ROI analysis, segmentation and competitive intelligence.


$2B Global Industrial Manufacturer based in MI


Highlights - Revenue Generation and Cost Avoidance

The following text highlights some recent programs initiated at an Textron divestiture that can be easily implemented throughout the Global Company's families of products and businesses:

Positioning (Getting found by prospects on the Internet)

  • Increased website position 563% in the major search engines (results below)

Visibility Statistics 50 Keywords


July 09


Jan 10

Page in SERP



Listings in the First Position



1st Page

Listings in the Top 5 Positions




Listings in the Top 10 Positions




Listings in the Top 20 Positions



2nd Page


Listings in the Top 30 Positions



3rd Page


Listings Which Moved Up



Visibility Rating increased 53% in the 4 major search engines

Listings Which Moved Down



Listings Which Did Not Change



Total Listings



  • Saved company $53,200 (Network solutions SEO program for 4 sites[1]). This program only guaranteed 20 of 50 keywords in the top 10 position in search engines, an achievement we have greatly surpassed.

  • Traffic has increased from a few visitors a month in June (new site launch) to 5000 visitors in December (Note: 1 week lost due to December Holidays). We estimate greater than 6500 visitors in January 2008.

  • Evaluated Dynamic PPC activity in Google with the minimal spend for the maximum results.

Analytics (Monitoring site traffic, new and repeat visitor rate, types of companies, etc)

  • Saved Company $35,000 by removing Webtrends reporting tools and moving site analytics to the free Google program.

  • Attracting appropriate prospects from target industries:

o Automotive (Ford, GM, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, etc)
Auto Tier (Delphi, Lear, Cummins, Magna, etc)
Aerospace/Defense (Raytheon, Lockheed, Boeing, BE Aero, GE, Northrop Grumman, etc)
Electronics and CEM (Tyco, Motorola, HP, Sanmina, Nokia, Selectron, etc.
Agriculture (Deere, CNH, Toro, Continental Midland, etc.)
Channel Partners (Anixter, ILS, Endries, MSC, Grainger, etc.)

  • Estimate $10,000 in literature fulfillment cost savings using the self-service model of prospects downloading and printing their own catalogs, flyers and brochures. (Traditionally there would be Labor Costs, Print Costs and Mailing Costs)

Keeping visitors on the site once found (Site Stickiness) and increasing repeat visitor rate

  • Introduced electronic catalog capability to enhance user activity in product discovery to enable visitors to find and apply the correct fastener for their intended use. Along with the related tooling associated with their fastening choice with immediate RFQ capability. This method is designed to always find a product, customize as needed, and never return the dreaded “0 products found” error so prevalent in today’s industrial manufacturing websites.

  • Parametric search capabilities to include:

o Characteristic searches (Type of screw, drive style, head style, etc.)
Dimensional searches (Length, head height, etc.)
Design guideline searches (Hole size, Drill depth, etc.)
Performance searches (Rotational torque, pull out strength, shear, tensile, etc.)

  • Evaluating CAD download capability (STEP, IGES, DXF and PDF) to add value to the user experience by introducing no redraw of the fastener and allowing client print position at the prospects manufacturing facility or site.

  • Establishing lead dissemination rules to immediately alert sales personnel of user demographics and increase the concept of sales force automation and CRM, the ability and agility to service customers quickly.

  • At the website’s current rate of 7,000 visitors per month, if we assume 10% will register This company should expect at least 700 leads disseminated per month once this program goes live. By adding other divisions the company should conservatively enjoy greater than 3,500 leads a month or 40,000 leads disseminated to the sales force by the end of 2008.

  • At the levels mentioned above using segmentation rules, this company will be able to micro target or 1-to-1 message their user lists through email campaign management at a fraction of traditional marketing costs while being able to manage click through rates, sales leads, and open rates immediately.

[1] (Network Solutions guarantee http://www.networksolutions.com/web-si

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