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SEO is Marketing;  If your SEO guy blinds you with Science then you are Talking to the Wrong Person or Agency:

Your SEO Agency Speaks With Authority - SEO Myth Number 1 -  It drives me crazy when when ad agencies and high end web design firms claim they know SEO yet their websites are nowhere to be found .

SEO Is About Positioning - SEO Myth Number 2 - It is Also About Engagement. What good is great Google positioning if your site looks like a 3rd grade art project?  You have 6 seconds to expound immediate value to your prospect before they hit the back button.

Your SEO Agency Professes It Can Get You To Number 1 In Google - SEO Myth Number 3 - . Google does not specifically publish the exact details of how to get indexed high in their SERPs; the algorythm is a trade secret, just like Coca-Cola's formula and Kentucky Fried Chicken's recipe; we do however assume with KFC the 2 key ingredients must be chicken and breadcrumbs, in much the same way as we must assume Google's algorythms biggest variable is Relevancy

Again the Number 1 Promise - SEO Myth Number 4 -. If anyone promises you the first position in Google, Yahoo! or Bing - Run! Or if you feel bold ask why they are not there. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is... be careful, you may also be aware that there is a Nigerian prince who desperately needs your help to get a large sum of money smuggled out of his country, for which you will be richly rewarded.

Does Google Have To List You? - SEO Myth Number 5 - No! but consider this, Google make about $36B per year, 97% of which comes from AdWords Revenue, so If you need a dentist in New York City and it delivers results for dentists in  Los Angeles then what good would Google be?  Again if you are looking for POP Music and the results deliver Soda POP or POPcorn then users will get frustrated, leave and look for a better mousetrap

It Takes 6 Months to get Listed in Google - SEO Myth Number 6 - I truly believe SEO Agencies tell you this just to suck you into a 6 month retainer.  In my opinion it takes about 6 days (maybe even 6 hours), and without submitting your site to Google at all.

News - SEO Myth Number 7 -. News has to show up because of its relevancy so if there are 300 million results for Britney Spears in Google and you are wondering how to get on the first page then consider this; if Britney were to have a car accident 10 minutes from now and you Google her in 11 minutes, then that story better be the first result in Google.

Pages Should be Updated Often - SEO Myth Number 8 -. Does E=MCIf this is true then how can you improve on it or even update it.  By making E=MC3  Would not make Google's results more relevant.

Duplicate Content Will get you Kicked out of Google - SEO Myth Number 9 -. When I first heard this I remember thinking wow I wish I had a personal relationship with Google where they will call me up with their little secrets, here's their stance on duplicate content..  It is always best to get your info straight from the horses mouth. But consider this from Google's point of view; why would Google share the same information twice in its SERPs? Content is King or in this case non-scraped original content is King, Queen, Prince and Pricess.

Why Don't I Show Up - SEO Myth Number 10 -. Look, if you are have a typical 5 page website that consists of a home page, a products page, an about us page, a contact us page, etc. and you have no real pertinent information then how will Google know how to make you show up.  I was dealing with one company that makes "blind rivets" and to the world they are known by a brand name "POP rivets" (like Kleenex.)  Online they called them "blind breakstem  fasteners" an internal industry term and then wondered why no-one could find them!

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So lets take step-by-step approach to Industrial SEO

  1. Consider this if you were going on vacation you probably would not type the term "vacation" in to Googles search box.  Instead you would get longer tailed and use terms like:

    1. Euro Vacation

    2. Disney Vacation

    3. Skiing Vacation

    4. etc.

  2. In the same way you would probably not type in "car" when l;ooking for a new automobile.

  3. Consider this I help people get "Industrial Sales Leads"  - where the term "sales leads" would be too generic.

    1. Not Mortgage Sales Leads

    2. Not Insurance Sales Leads

    3. Just industrial business leads

  4. Now an interchangable term for "Industrial Sales Leads" could be just "industrial leads" the word leads is synoymous with sthe term sales leads and both can be used interchangeably .

  5. We also do "Industrial SEO" and for that you will need a detailed "SEO Project Plan" or "SEO Implementation Plan".  However we could also interchange for terms like "industrial search engine optimization" or "industrial sales techniques"

  6. And in keeping with Myth Number 7 above I also write "Industrial Press Releases" for Industrial companies top get  editorial pickup from news stories submitted across the wire

  7. We design websites that use "industrial web catalogs" to make it easy for customers to find your discrete components, however some people call these "industrial e-catalogs"

  8. Some of you reading this will probably be considering the difference between "thomasnet vs globalspec" and may already have a program with "thomasnet or globalspec" but may also want to consider Google as another channel to market your product automomously in, instead of being lumped in with your competitors where the highest payer gets the highest rank on the ThomasNET page.

  9. So even if you are considering the best way to "increase industrial sales" whether through "SEO or ThomasNET" we hope you consider us for at least a free initial consultation for all of your website needs and "how to increase industrial sales".

  10. To reiterate, if you are just looking to do "Industrial SEO" or need a comprehensive "ppc strategy for industrial manufacturers" or a full industrial e-catalog solution give a call today.

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