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Industrial Marketing - The importance of SEO and the Internet for Sales Lead Generation

Before we start our introduction into Industrial Internet Marketing, ask yourself this question: How will he do business with me 10 years from now? (By the way the video is 14 years old)
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The successful implementation of Industrial Online Marketing strategies depends in part on your cooperation. Your contribution will include the development of content for the website, the timely review, feedback and approvals of certain aspects of the strategy, providing FTP access to your website, or contact to upload optimization suggestions to the website 


What is SEO?

S.E.O or Search Engine Optimization is a positioning strategy that allows Marketers to naturally position their products ahead of their competition in the Search engines. This is not digital marketing or eMarketing; it is pure Marketing. Ask yourself this question - On a given day you were told to study just one website for 8 long hours, would you choose your own company site, Victoria's Secret, or B.M.W? If your a manufacturer of industrial products and are well positioned in Google, then you can assume any visitor to your site has a need for your "unglamorous industrial" product.

Define Customer Self-Service.

If you need to track a U.P.S shipment , You don't pick up the phone and call customer service; instead You track it yourself online. Self service models allow your prospects to answer the industrial O.E.M trilogy: Do you make it? What is my price? When can I get it? You can free up your staff to work with customers on more value added services. In one project we implemented, 1 million catalogs were fulfilled through customer self service, equating to savings of $4,000,000 in print, labor, and shipping costs. Ever bank online? You pay a fee to do the banks work. Freeing up their internal staff that used to work on the registers to now write loans or sell bonds; that's web self service at its best!

Explain Immediate Sales Lead Generation and Dissemination.

We developed an S.E.O positioning strategy for an industrial fastener manufacturer, that has immediately sent 250,000 sales leads to their global sales force during the past 4 years. These leads are a pure marketing pull from the world’s fortune 500 companies. The leads contain the who, the what, the where, and the when, and the information sits very neatly in the sales persons email, alerting them to the prospects immediate needs, the why. The sales leads consistently identified $6,000,000 of incremental business or about 10% of sales for the company annually, and are monitored through their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) SFA (Sales Force Automation) systems.

Why Should I Consider Internet Marketing?

It's not just about being on the 1st page of Google, its also about making sure the person that finds your site, stays there, and doesn't hit the back button. We do not however want to diminish the importance of being on page 1, after all, that's how you get found. Here's what we do for your site, optimization entails more than just attracting visitors. It requires a dual effort of getting noticed through using good S.E.O techniques, as well as maintaining the visitors interest. It is vital to be credible, offer sticky items, and make sure your website expounds value.

What is Your Advice for a Differentiation Strategy for Industrial Marketers?

 Let's face facts, most industrial products are commodities, where industrial manufacturers are competing domestically for position and share, and trying to differentiate themselves from cheaper offshore competitors. The fact of the matter is most industrial products are unglamorous. This is actually good news, with a great S.E.O positioning strategy in the search engines, one can argue that if a prospect lands on your site, then you can assume they must have a need for your product, right? Or else why would a person be looking at a fastener, or a pump, or, a bearing or any other industrial commodity product

What Kind of Prospects Do You Target?

At Industrial Business Marketing we not only focus on S.E.O and S.E.M; we also focus on conversion of prospects to sales leads across the buying cycle, from design engineers at the sample stage, to buyers at the procurement stage, into plant management and MRO at the after sales service stage. We focus on site stickiness, along with the S.E.O project to reduce visitor bounce. Once your site is optimized and showing up on the 1st page of Google, Yahoo, and MSN, You will experience the true marketing pull the Internet offers. Call Industrial Business Marketing today for a free website consultation

What is Meant by the Term "Site Stickyness?"

We had a client who thought the Internet could help grow his business, and position him ahead of his competition. We researched his website, added trademarks, as well as industry and generic keywords and phrases, along with part number and competitive cross reference terms. Immediately he was showing up high in the search engines, visitor rate increased by 2000% almost overnight. One happy customer you might think? Not really, his site looked like it was designed by a 3rd grader, it lacked credibility an the visitors left. We explained the site needed redesign, a contemporary feel, and must offer value to the end user.

What are Some Common SEO Pitfalls to Avoid?

We focus on the top 4 web marketing programs, including, SEO strategy and pay per click programs. Press release design, and finally industrial registers. While all of the programs have great benefits, there are many pitfalls to avoid, for instance, how a poorly designed S.E.O plan can actually drive customers to competitor sites. Why do Industrial registers insist on listing your product along side competitor products; allowing O.E.M buyers to force you to compete on price.


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Is There a Benefit to Having A PPC Strategy?

If you are using the Google Adwords Pay Per Click program, then consider the following: most industrial marketers do not take advantage of the dynamic aspects this program offers. for example, did you know that your ad can read exactly the same caption as the search term the user inputs? When your ad reads the same as what the user is looking for, then they will be drawn to click it. This can save you money, since it is not as important now to pay for the top position. By the way, your U.R.L can be dynamic too, so the landing page on your site best matches the users search. Call us now and save money.

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