Industrual SEM, PPC, and Adwords

8 Reasons to Consider an Industrial Pay-Per-Click Strategy


  • Industrial Keyword Research - The heart and soul of your industrial SEO and PPC strategy

  • Keyword and Key Phrase Position and Competition

  • Plurals and Singulars

  • Foreign Language Terms

    • English - POP Rivet

    • French - POP Rivet

    • German - POP Niet

    • Spanish - POP Remache

  • Portuguese - POP Rebite

  • Commonly misspelled words related to your industry

    • Gages, Guages

    • Vapor, Vapour

  • Does Google place any emphasis on your organic search positioning based on how much you spend in adwords? (See example to the right)

  • Why bid a dollar a word when 50 cents may suffice?

  • Dynamic Pay-Per-Click (Your Ad and URL match the users search term - very powerful)

Pay-per-Click Patterns

Example of a typical Industrial Pay-Per-Click Strategy


Consider a recent client; an industrial screw manufacturer that makes self tapping screws/thread forming screws. We implemented an Industrial PPC program and SEO strategy where whatever the user types into Google search, the company's ad will dynamically display that term. This technique helps draw the searchers eyes to their ad.

See an example below (The PPC search term "Thread Forming Fasteners" matches the Ad, unlike the other Ads)

This manufacturer also specializes in Thread Forming Screws for Magnesium for the Aerospace Industry


This time the user types "Screws For Magnesium". Once again the PPC ad dynamically matches the search term, and in this case the URL directs the user to a corresponding page relating to the search topic.

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